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Where It All Began

This distinctive learning method was devised by Lisa to teach her daughter, Valerie, when she was 3 years of age, who then made her London debut as a concert pianist at 12 years old playing a concerto by Mozart with full orchestra. Following a highly distinguished musical career as an international concert pianist, Valerie now runs The Childs Pianoforte School, which is one of the largest piano schools in the United Kingdom.
Childs Piano School

Young piano player

Lisa Childs Piano Method

Many piano schools now follow the Lisa Childs Piano Method and inspire thousands to take that first step.  You may want to play for fun, or have ambition to become an international concert pianist yourself.  Whatever your goal, the Lisa Childs Piano Method is very rewarding and is a great foundation for further musical development.

A Method that Grows as You Grow

This young lady has been playing the piano since she was five.  On the day that this picture was taken she performed in concert, playing Rimsky-Korsakov's The Flight of the Bumblebee.
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