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A Fast Way to Learn the Piano

If you want to learn to play the piano quickly, then the Lisa Childs Piano Books (now on Amazon!) are for you.  It’s great fun and very easy. Using these books the Childs Piano School has been operating for over 60 years, teaching children from 3 years of age to adults of over 80.  There is never a wrong time to start with the Lisa Childs method – you can enjoy making music straight away.

Lisa Childs Piano Method in four 96-page Books

Learn Just for Fun or Prepare for Examinations

With these books you can learn just for fun or make progress to The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music examinations, scholarships or diplomas. The Lisa Childs Piano Books are such an excellent foundation that the examination results at our school consistently achieve 99.2% Distinctions. Children in particular find this a fun way of learning, and often begin at 3 or 4 years of age and are then ready to take their Grade 1 Examination by the age of 6. Because of the unique Lisa Childs method, children can start learning before knowing their alphabet - music really is an international language with no barriers! But this is not just a method for children - Childs Piano School teaches many adults too using eaxctly the same method.

About the Books

Each of the four piano method books takes pupils through a logical learning process.  Below we have included an overview, and if you think the approach sounds as if it might work for you or your child, use the Menu to have a closer look at each book so that you can be sure that it's right for you.

In addition to the four books teaching the Lisa Childs piano method, we have included a short description of the three Magic of Scales books, and also The Magic of Christmas Carols.

Lisa Childs Piano Book 1

Lisa Childs Piano 1

This is for the beginner.  Although colour is used in this book, the Lisa Childs method is not a ‘colour system’. Colour is used here as a visual stimulant to make it easier to follow, rather than the traditional ‘alphabet’ method. Young children can start to play the piano before they know their ABC, and can also be taught by parents who need not be pianists themselves, but can enjoy learning along with their children. By the end of this book the pupil will be playing pieces with both hands. This book has 96 pages.

Lisa Childs Piano Book 2

Lisa Childs Piano 2

Time patterns in music can often seem very complicated, but not with the Lisa Childs Books.  Everything is explained easily and clearly. The techniques of finger and tone control are also explained in this book. These produce the complex variety of sounds we hear on a piano. All these tips are fully illustrated and conveyed with clarity and ease.  In Book 2 you will be enjoying classical and popular tunes and learn the quickest way to obtain the maximum results from your practice. This book has 96 pages.

Lisa Childs Piano Book 3

Lisa Childs Piano 3

This book extends your range by teaching more challenging popular and traditional pieces.  It includes greater timing detail and develops the essential ingredient of listening to the sounds the piano produces for you, through the use of correct technique. This book also introduces scales - always a boring subject?  Not when it is explained in an easy and illustrated way. Another essential item when playing the piano is the great art of using the pedals to their full potential. Your right foot is like a third hand; it is so vital to a successful performance and is fully covered in Book 3.  This book has 96 pages.

Lisa Childs Piano Book 4

Lisa Childs Piano 4

By the time you reach this book you should be at the equivalent standard of the Grade 3 Piano Examination and will be well on the way to mastering your technique and interpretation. This book also continues showing you how essential having a relaxed body is to improving the tone that you produce from the piano. You will now be extending your repertoire to move onto more challenging works whilst enjoying the learning experience.  This book has 96 pages.

Major Scales

The Magic of Scales
- Major Scales

Scales are of course the dread of most examination candidates! But using the three Lisa Childs scale books - Major, Harmonic minor, and Melodic minor - will instantly prove how easy scales can be. Illustrating the notes and most importantly the fingering which has to be used helps to ensure trouble-free scales and good marks in examinations.  All three books include exercises for finger control and analysis of the scales' origins.  This book has 48 pages.

Melodic Minor Scales

The Magic of Scales
- Melodic Minor Scales

This is the second book of the  Scales trilogy, covering melodic minor scales in depth. This book has 64 pages.

Harmonic Minor Scales

The Magic of Scales
- Harmonic Minor Scales

This is the third book of the Scales trilogy, covering harmonic minor scales.   This book has 48 pages.

Lisa Childs Christmas Carols

The Magic of Christmas Carols

This book contains 12 popular Christmas Carols which pupils will find great fun and an easy way to impress their family and friends.  The carols are all arranged by Lisa Childs.  The book has 30 pages.