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Dear Valerie,

It must be about 25 years ago that I first wrote to Lisa in response to an advert for the method in the Music Teacher. I was inundated with pupils and needed something for group teaching. Lisa was so encouraging and helpful, as she was all through the years that I got to know her as a personal friend and mentor. When Hannah came along I put her on the method as soon as she could sit up and she was playing beautifully hands together in book one on her third birthday. Upon Lisa's encouragement that we underestimate what little ones can do, I put Hannah on grade 1 which she passed with a near distinction at the age of 5. Rebecca was not so keen to play for a stranger! She would not do exams! But we got her to sit her grade 2 and then grade 3 three months later, both with distinction. Grade 5 theory came at the age of 10 and Music GCSE at the age of 13 with A passes for both girls and another musician who still teaches for me with my girls. To date Hannah has a first class honors degree in music and is just about to complete her post grad. diploma in performance at the Royal Welsh College of Music. Rebecca is now doing masters in composition with Anthony Powers at Cardiff University, looking to possibly write educational material for piano.

Dana - Hebron School, Wales

I've been a Piano teacher for 40 years and have tried a number of different teaching methods, but Lisa Childs' Piano Series has always proved the most successful - from beginners to more experienced learners. Thoroughly enjoyed by my pupils, whether they are tots or grown ups, many of those I weaned on this method have gone on to become professional musicians themselves. I can't recommend these books highly enough. It's also worth checking out the `Scales' books which use colour coding for sharps and flats - an invaluable method which makes learning the basics simple and fun.

Brenda Mendelssohn

This series of books is great for all ages. It has a clarity of text and illustrations that helped me, initially a non-player, raise two children who are now accomplished musicians. The music has been chosen with care and even for beginners, is never 'twee'. I would strongly recommend these books.

R. Eastwood

Two of my daughters learned their way around the piano keyboard with the first of these books. There are four of them in the series and by the time you get to the fourth one it is pretty sophisticated. I know a lot of piano teachers use the method and I would thoroughly recommend it.

R. J. Mitchell

I was very impressed by the speed in which this book arrived. I ordered it at about 2pm on the Tuesday and it arrived in the morning post the next day. The book itself is very good too, my son has special needs and the coloured notes make it easier for him to remember than the note letters. I was also impressed that they supply the coloured stickers to put on the piano keys. All in all, a good buy.